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A stamping/rating community for the anime/manga by Inoue Takehiko, Slam Dunk~
Welcome to slamdunk_rating! The one and only rating community for the basketball anime, SLAM DUNK. This is the community where you get to apply and get rated and stamped as a Slam Dunk character. All you have to do is fill in the application and post it but make sure to read the rules first~ If you have any questions, please e-mail me at: red_planet31@yahoo.com or contact me at my red_planet31. Have fun and do help promote this comm!!

If anybody is interested in making stamps or designing the layout, please contact me, red_planet31!!

MODS: red_planet31

1. No flaming/bashing/insulting. PLEASE.
2. You must be a member to post.
3. To make sure the members stay somewhat active, you are required to vote on 3 other applications and link them to your application before posting your application.
4. When voting, please BOLD your votes. Like this: < b >your vote < / b > (without the spaces). This makes it easier to count your votes.
5. Even if you are not stamped, you can still vote. So please do!
6. You can vote for any character in Slam Dunk.
7. Please try to use proper English and spelling. When answering the questions, please elaborate on your answers so that people can understand you better. 1 to 3 words won't really be helpful.
8. Please answer ALL the questions in the Application and post it on this community and not on your personal journal. You may link it to your journal.
9. If you really can't make up your mind, you can vote up to 2 characters.
10. You will be stamped if you get 5 votes of the same character or according to the majority within 2 weeks. (This rule is subect to change according to the number of members in this community)
11. The stamps will be created based on the characters that get voted. Slam Dunk has many characters and since we don't have enough stamp makers yet, we will provide you with your stamps after a few weeks or after a theme is finished.
12. After getting stamped, you may resubmit an application, if you do not like the result you got, after a week. Please give a reason why you wish to get a restamp though.
13. To prove that you've read the rules, please type TENSAI somewhere in your subject line.
14. When voting, please try to elaborate on why you are voting that character. Try not to bandwagon please~
15. There will be themes in the future.


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